duminică, 20 martie 2016

The beginning of everything: Book Review Spoiler Free

What they say: Golden boy Ezra Faulkner believes everyone has a tragedy waiting for them—a single encounter after which everything that really matters will happen. His particular tragedy waited until he was primed to lose it all: in one spectacular night, a reckless driver shatters Ezra’s knee, his athletic career, and his social life.
       No longer a front-runner for Homecoming King, Ezra finds himself at the table of misfits, where he encounters new girl Cassidy Thorpe. Cassidy is unlike anyone Ezra’s ever met, achingly effortless, fiercely intelligent, and determined to bring Ezra along on her endless adventures.
      But as Ezra dives into his new studies, new friendships, and new love, he learns that some people, like books, are easy to misread. And now he must consider: if one’s singular tragedy has already hit and everything after it has mattered quite a bit, what happens when more misfortune strikes?

What I say: In my opinion, this book was a really good book, because it has a love story and also friendship......and it is a contemporary (my favourite genre).
        First of all, this book is one of that book wich stays with you for quite a long time. I'm still thinking of this book and I finished it last weekend.
        I am not going to spoil you, with anything, and this is not a Harry Potter book to say that everybody should read it, because you don't have anything so important to learn from it. I'm just going to say, that there is an unexpected ending.
        Second of all, though the start of the book marked me, and I wasn't sure I wanted to continue reading, I'm glad I did, because I think it was amazing. The characters were so real for me and it was really easey to get absorbed by the story. And let me just tell you, that Harry Potter was mentiond 7 times in this book (without that times when it was reapeting, which was just 2 times)....I mean....what....7 times.....the magic number from Harry Potter.
        Anyway....All in all this book was really nice and I think it was worth the time I spent on reading it. I recomend it to everybody who likes contemporary books, but keep it in mind that you might not like it at first.
        I mean, this book might have a lot of fans, but I think it also has a lot of haters.
        Also this are all my opinions and I would really like to hear you opinion on this book, so let me know what you think about it in the comments.
       I'll rate it 4/5 stars.
                                                                                                     Diana <3

duminică, 13 martie 2016

Wonder: Book Review Spoiler Free


What they say: "August Pullman wants to be an ordinary ten-year-old. He does ordinary things. He eats ice cream. He plays on his Xbox. He feels ordinary - inside.
But Auggie is far from ordinary. Ordinary kids don't make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Ordinary kids don't get stared at wherever they go.
Born with a terrible facial abnormality, Auggie has been home-schooled by his parents his whole life, in an attempt to protect him from the cruelty of the outside world. Now, for the first time, he's being sent to a real school - and he's dreading it. All he wants is to be accepted - but can he convince his new classmates that he's just like them, underneath it all?"

What I say: I have to admit that I really enjoyed this book. Yes! It is a kids book, but it was really fun to read, and I think  that even the adult will have something to learn from.
          First of all, the book was narrated from many points of view, not only his family, but also the persons around him. To be honest, my favourite perspective was Via's, because, she became my favourite character and I kind of realeted to her in a way. I don't know what exactly made her my favourite character, perheps that she was close to my age, but I can say that I liked the way she always took Auggie's side.
          Secon of all, the book really helped me in understanding better what some people who have this rare illnes are going through, and that you should never judge sombody by his/her face.
          All in all, this book was amazing, I absolutly love it, and I really enjoyed to find out more about this really rare illnes. As I said at the start of this review, I recomend this book to anybody, any age, because even the adults can lear from it.
I'll give it a 5/5 stars, because this book is one of this books who stays with you for a really long time.
Hope you enjoyed my review, and hope you have an amazing day because I don't and I hope everything it's going to be ok.
                                                                                           Diana <3

Wrap up: February 2016

Hello everybody!
Here is just a really quick post, about the books I've read in February. Also, I plan on posting a book review later today, so keep an eye out for that.
Now.... the first book I've read in February was "Attachments" by Rainbow Rowell, and you know how much I love Rainbow Rowell's writing style, so I'll give this book 5/5 stars.
As you can see, I try to do a rating sistem on my mounthly Wrap Up's.
The next book, was actually an audiobook called "Let Go" by Pat Flynn. This book was a memoir, and I must say it was really inspirational. It is abou Pat Flynn, and the conpany he worked for went bankrupt, so he was fired. At a point he started this blog, and more and more peolpe started following it, so the book is about internet business and online marketing. And I gave this book  4/5 stars.
The last book  I've read was "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio, and I plan on making a review for this book too. "Wonder" is about this boy, called August Pullman who was born with a terrible facial abnormality. I really enjoyed this book, and I really recommend it to anybody who is interested in reading it, and I gave it 5/5 stars.
So this is my February wrap up, now, If I were you, I would expect 2 book reviews soon, and perhaps a movie review.
Hope you all have an amazing week, and If you don't, try to talk to someone, it will really help you!
                                                                                                               Diana <3