About Me

Here I'm gonna give you 10 random facts about me:
0. My name is Diana!
1. I love Harry Potter (no surprise on that)
2. I learned to read all by myself (at least this is what my mom says), and my favourite genera is contemporary
3. I love to draw and travel.
4. I'm also obsessed with Frozen :))
5. If I would be in  the wizarding world of Harry Potter I would be a Hufflepuff and my patronus would probably be a fox
6. My favourite creatures are Dragons and eventually Mermaids
7. Since I was a little I was interested in Greek mytology, though I did not read the Percy Jackson series.
8. I am a Christmas enthusiastic!!
9. I have one dog, called Sparky, and one cat.
10. I am not waching too many TV series, because I do not want to watch somthing and not finish, but I do enjoy "Sherlock" and "The Bing Bang Theory"
Hopefully, now you know a little bit more stuff about me. I would like if you would talk a little bit about yourself too.
                                                           XOXO, <3

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