sâmbătă, 28 mai 2016

Be a tourist in your hometown

Hello everybody!
Today I decided to share with you an idea that I've been trying to develop for better than 2 weeks. Now, I've got this idea 1 year ago, but at that time, I didn't had the motivation to do that, and I don't know what happend but now I do.
What is this all about?
Basically, all you have to do is to visit as much as you can from your hometown. I'm planing on visiting my town in about 3 days, and I'll try to see as much as I can only in this 3 days, but you can do it for a week or even the whole mounth.
I don't know right now when exactly I'm going to put this project on move, but it will most probably be either next mounth or in August. Either way, be sure I'll be anouncing this a week before the actual "event".
What I want you to do for this?
Post in the comment photos with you visiting your hometown or if you want to put them on Instagram or twitter please, please, please tag me or/and add #touristinyourfictionalhometown.
You can find my social-media on the "contact me" page. If you are wondering why is there "fictional hometown" is because every town is beautiful and it looks like it is out of a fictional world, no matter where you live. :D
Hope you have a magnificent week, have fun and see yeah soon!!! :*
                                                                                                        Diana V.

marți, 3 mai 2016

3 things to do while volunteering

Hello there beautiful people!
Here is a short post for you! So...most of you already know that I volunteer at HOSPICE Casa Sperantei, and you already know that I definitely recommend to volunteer at least once a year. I've searched a bit the Internet, and there is no post that says what to do when you volunteer. And yeah, it might sound strange that I'm telling you what to do...but here are just 3 easy things that I want you to do while volunteer, because it is free!
1. Whatever you do...do it with love: I know...It sounds so clichee...but it is true. Whether you are taking care of someone, or just create something that later on will be sold... do it from your heart. Don't expect anything back, and just do it because you want to.
2. Stop for a second and look around: Again whether you are taking care of someone or you are having a crafting session, like I mainly do, take a break and look around. Look at all this volunteers that are here for the same reasons as you are. To help making the world a better place. Now that you see all this it is time for the last step.
3. Smile: Do this simple move, because I'm sure you found 1-2 volunteers that you are friends with, or if you got the luck I had (and I really hope you do), up to 15 really good friends (and they know who they are). I am really grateful for the friends I have made, and I am really happy that I was lucky enough to find them . They help me whenever I need
and I always try to do the same, even though I'm not sure it works. Also, I am forever grateful for my sister, who got me into volunteering, and told me that it is going to be fun, and she was so right. I am always having such a great time in there, and knowing that at the same time I'm helping someone makes me even happier.
I really hope you will do this things next time you volunteer somewhere, and I really hope that you are doing so very well. Remember! You are never alone. Always talk to someone you trust, because it forever helps.

                                                                                                Diana V.

Wrap Up:April 2016

Hey guys!
This mounth was pretty full for me, but I still got to read some books :)
I'm gonna get started then.
The first book I've read is "The statistical probabilty of Love at first sight" by Jennifer E. Smith...and I loved it... mainly because I went for a week in London, and I related to the main character sooo much. YEAH... I did not sit near a cute guy...but the trip was really nice. And I got a Ron Weasley wand(wich this is really out of the subject). I gave that book 4/5 stars just because it was a little bit clichee...but you know ... I do enjoy this type of books.
Next I've read "Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief" by Rick Riordan and I absolutly love it....I am not sure if I said this before on this blog, but reading Percy Jackson is like rereading Harry Potter....but with Greek Gods....Kind of...I don't know...I really like this series and I can't wait to read the next ones. 5/5 stars for this one.
Lastly, I've read "Between Shades of Grey" by Ruta Sepetys and even though you could see that coming... it still was a beautiful book with a really strong message and I absolutly loved this one as well. And I'll also rate it 5/5 stars.
So...even if I didn't read that many books, I still really enjoyed all the book I've read and also, I am not sure how much I am going to read this mounth because I have my finals, though I'll really try to post updates or at least one book review.
Hope you have an amazing week, and let me know what you read this mounth.