miercuri, 27 iulie 2016

Anxiety hit me and a short announcement!

Hello there guys!
First, I wanna start this post by saying sorry for missing so much. The reason behind this dissaparition is because this past couple of mounths I was in a terrible mood. I felt really sad for no reason and even if my friends were always there, supporting me, I was still felling lonely and useless. I still feel a little bit like that, but I'm back and I'm gonna be fine. I promise this won't happen again. Not for this long, anyway.
Now moving on to the announcement. I'm thinking of starting the "Be a tourist in your fictional hometown" mounth soon. The only thing is: I am not really well prepared for this. So I was thinking that maybe we could leave this for September or Octomber.
Two reasons why this could still be amazing:
1.Everything is better in autumn.
2.Even with the school started, you can still travel.
So I think this is what am I going to do. I really really wanna do that, and so far I have nothing important for the mounth of August, therefore I'll be having plently of time to organize everything.
Thanks for understanding everything.
I hope you have an amazing (×♾) week and I'll see you really soon with a wrap uo, perhaps, I don't know...ok, bye!!!!!!!!!!
                    Diana V.