marți, 24 noiembrie 2015

FanGirl Book Reviw

                                                                                            Hey Guys!!
           I'm so sorry for last week, you know I was quite busy with the NaNoWriMo and school and also reading. I feel like pretty much everybody who I follow are busy with NaNoWriMo, and in my opinion I think that it is pretty hard to read while you create a story.
           Anyway, Let's move on on the real subject of this post.
           As you can tell, I finally got to read this amazing book called "FanGirl" by non other than Rainbow Rowell.
          The difrece between this one and "Eleanor and Park" is that for this book I know exactly what to think about it. It is amazing.
          First of all, the book follows the story of Cath Avery, who has a twin sister called Wren, and both of them are going to collage. They were doing everything togheter, but now Wren decided she want's "her own space". Now Cath has to decide whether she is ready to open her heart to new people and new experieences or bury herself into fanfiction.
           Second of all, I have to say that I fell in love with every single characteres the moment I was introduced to them. I think is the first time I was totaly in love with a fictional character (Levi<3).
           Anyway, the story was so beautifuly writen that I almost cried, at a point. But I said almost and that were happy tears.
           I have to say that I was skiping the fanfiction, hope I'm not the only one, just because I was in a mood for a contemporary book, and not a fantasy one, so I was not intrested about the fanfiction.
The ending, for me was like so sudden. Ok, so I understood what happend, but I didn't want it to stop, and then was just... BOOOM..... THE END."But I want to read" I said with tears in my eyes.
You don't even know how in love I am with Levi right now.
Hope you enjoyd this book review, if not, give me a feedback and I will try to change. Sorry if it is too short.
Question of the week: Which is your actual (contemporary) favourite book?
Mine is defenetly this one!!

miercuri, 11 noiembrie 2015

The Book Thief: Book review

Hey Guys!
I finally finished "The Book Thief " by Markus Zusak and what did just happend? I just want to say that this book broke my heart in so many little pices.
First of all, the book follows the story of Liesel Meminger, an ordinary girl. But she and her brother are on the way to an adoptive family in Munchen. Unfortunetly her brother dies on the train so she has to go through the Nazi Germany alone. Near the grave of her brother she finds a book which will reprezent the first stoled book. As the story goes on she will find that she is not actually alone. There is the man with an accordion, the man with hair like feathers  “... And the boy whose hair remained the color of lemons forever." - Markus Zusack
When I saw this book for the first time, I knew  that I am going to like it, but I also knew that I am going to read it pretty slow. I was wrong..... I loved this book, and I read it quite fast (1-2 weeks).
The thing that anoyed me a lot, is that I was spoiled when I was about 250/571  pages through it. By the author itself. 
Besides that, this book was such an amazeing read, and it is so sad that persons like me don't usually read war books (I think I read just 2 war books).
Another book that I've read is "The War Horse" few years ago, I think in 2012, and, again, a beautiful book which made me cry. But don't worry, that were happy tears.
I am going to say what I also said in the Harry Potter book review. I can see that Markus Zusak is a magnificent author just because he succeded in making me cry.
And I think I've said this to every single book I ever read (except of the school ones) but it was beautiful written, and he described the places so well. Though I have to say that the characters (mama and papa) I imagined them a little bit different.
Anyway, I will rate it 10 stars out of 10, and I hope you will read it too, if you haven't read it yet.
P.S.: Sorry for this random day blog. I try to write as regularly as I can (at least once a week).

                                                                                          XOXO, <3

luni, 2 noiembrie 2015

Wrap Up: October 2015

Hi guys!
Today I am going to make a wrap up post, for pretty obvious reasons.
So the first book that I read this mounth is „Eleanor and Park” by Rainbow Rowell,and I also made a book review on it so you cand go and read that too.
The next book was Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, and even if it was a nice, light read it quite put me in a reading slump while reading it, and it took me like 2 weeks to finish it.
But don’t worry, wile i was reading that, I also read „Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”, by J.K. Rowling  and I have to say that I expectet a little bit more. Don’t get me wrong, I knew it is pretty short, and I really like it in the end, but I also knew that it is going to make a movie addaptation. And i thought it is going to be like a story. But this thing makes me curious to se how the movie is going to be.
Also I read „The Tales of Beedle the Bard”  and I have to say that I loved it, even though is a collection of kids stories, I quite like it, a lot.
And the last two books that I read this mounth, are unfortunetly unfinished.
The first one is „The Book Thief”, by Markus Szuzak, and I am half way through it, and I quite like it, I didn’t expect that, the only thing is that is huge and quite intimideiting. Obviously is not as intimidating as „Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon, wich is massive, and the writing is so tiny and the pages so thin. But I expect to finish „The book thief” this mounth.
Last but not least is „A Christmas Carol„ and I usualy don’t read clasics, but this one, I really enjoy it. Mostly because every year, on December, I wach at least one time until Christmas, the movie. I am curently at the second Ghost, first memory.
So this is my wrap up, the biggest I ever had. Hope you enjoied it and I’ll see you next time, probably with a book review.
Question o the Week: What books did you read this October?
                                                                             XOXO, <3