marți, 21 februarie 2017

Best books of 2016

Hello there, beautiful people!
In today's post, I'm gonna talk about the books that I could not stop obsessing over, in 2016.
I hate long intros so let get started!!
1.Me before you
Probably the book with the most memories and the one that I related the most. And the one that I fangirled the most about. Yup.

2.Sherlock Holmes- A study in scarlet
It was everything that I wanted to be. Also read it while I was traveling to London, wich made it even better.

3. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
A book that I basically just flew through it and absolutely loved it And I can't wait for the movie.

4. Percy Jackson (Books 1 to 4)
I'm yet to read the last one, and I will pick it up soon enough, but the entire series was pretty darn good.

5.Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Although many people did not liked this book, I actually really really enjoyed it. i just really liked being back, and the reason why I don't read fanfiction is because I don't want to forget what actually happened. It might sound stupid, but it's true.

I also read other amazing books like Between shades of grey and Attachments but they did not stuck with me as much as this 5 did.
I read a total of 47 books and my goal was 50. At a point, in September and October I think I read a book per month, so I am actually glad I read 47. Also my initial goal was 40.
I know it late but I really wanted to write this post.
I hope you have an amazing amazing week and I'll see you soon enough.

Diana V.